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R&d collaborative UV4LIFE Project

Medicine is looking for rapid and minimally invasive diagnostic methods, particularly for infections, tumor and metabolic pathologies. Raman spectroscopy, recently tested on these diseases, seems very

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ESPCI- Projet Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy [FR]

[Rencontre avec] Emna, Xiangdong, et Lilian, de l'ESPCI. Découvrez leur projet de Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscopy avec le LBX-648 d'Oxxius

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Interview with IMAG’IC

[Interview with] Thomas Guilbert, Research Engineer

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FEM2BIO – fluorescence microscopy innovation

Multicolor analysis focused on the analysis of living organisms, adapted to fluorescence microscopy with applications in the analysis of pathologies (ex. Cancer)

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Interview with IINS Bordeaux neurocampus

Interview with Rémi Galland, Researcher CNRS The soSPIM technology

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FEM2BIO – innovation en microscopie de fluorescence

[microscopie de fluorescence] L'analyse multicouleurs ayant pour objectif le développement d'un outil de vidéo-microscopie.

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