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New wavelengths

Welcome to the 415, 445, 458 nm LBX lasers

Oxxius is proud to announce new wavelengths in our Laserboxx Series.

Let’s introduce our 3 new wavelengths released for Life science applications :

– LBX-415-120

– LBX-445-500

– LBX-458-500

Emission wavelength : 415 nm

Output power : 120 mW

Application :  Fluorescence, Cytometry, Fluorescence microscopy

Emission wavelength : 445 nm

Output power : from 100 to now 500 mW

Application :  Fluorescence, Cytometry, Microscopy, Photochemistry

Emission wavelength : 458 nm*

Output power : 500 mW

Application :  Fluorescence ,Cytometry, Fluorescence microscopy

*(diode selector from 455 to 470 nm)


-Ultra Low Noise ≤ 0.2% rms-

-TEM00 Beam

-Beam pointing ≤ 5 μrad/°C

– SM/PM/MM fiber coupling options

– USB and RS232 computer interfaces

– Graphic User Interface with remote diagnostics

– Remote ControlBoxx with power display (Plug&Play versions CDRH)

– Controller integrated into laser head

– LBX and LCX  Industry standard footprint (100×40 mm²)

Beam Profile LBX-445-500


 Our group uses lanthanide phosphors that have very narrow excitation bands (bandwidth ~ 1 nm).
The monochromatic diode lasers from Oxxius have been the best solution to efficiently excite our lanthanides because Oxxius guaranteed fine tuning of the specific laser wavelengths within
+/- 0.5 nm error. The lasers have excellent optical quality as well as high stability and durability.

Jongwook KIM
Assistant Professor – Department of Physics
Laboratoire de Physique de la Matière Condensée (LPMC)


Our laser from Laserboxx serie can be integrated into our L4Cc and L6Cc Combiner, for cutting-edge applications such as fluorescence analytics and BioImaging.