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New LPX-721

We are glad to announce the release of our new LPX-721 laser dedicated to Fluorescence excitation, Sted microscopy and Light Sheet microscopy.

The DPSS LPX-721L is a single longitudinal mode laser emitting at 721 nm.
The unique feature of this model is a proprietary, Alignment-free Monolithic Resonator (AMR).
This technology yields to highly efficient pump schemes and allows for the highest power on the market.
The LPX-721L is incensitive to temperature variations and to mechanical vibrations.


 Optical specification

Emission wavelength 721 nm
Output power 200 mW
Max. modulation frequency 1.5 kHz
Max. modulation frequency,
with optional L1C-AOM plateform
3 MHz
Beam waist diameter 0.7 mm
Beam quality TEM00


 System specification

Operating temperature (baseplate) 10 to 50 °C

Power consumption

< 20 W


Perfect for…

  • Fluorescence Excitation
  • STED microscopy
  • Light sheet microscopy
    … and much more

This product is compatible in the L4Cc and L6Cc combiners, as well as with the L1C-AOM platform for fast modulation.

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