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L1C and L1C+

The L1C and the longer L1C+ platforms offer efficient, compact and cost effective solutions to add advanced features to the LCX, LPX, LSX or LBX-S lasers.


MPA Motorized Power Attenuator

– 0 to 100% range

– Maintains beam quality

– Spectral properties keeps

– Analog input control

– USB and RS232 interface


AOM Accousto-Optic Modulator

– DC-3MHz bandwidth

– > 85% power transmission

– USB interface

– Analog digital inputs


ISO Isolators

– Compact

– High power versions

Product variations

Reference Wavelenghts Power Options Quote
L1C-532 532 up to 500
L1C-553 553 up to 200
L1C-561 561 up to 300
L1C-633 633 40
L1C-785 785 150
L1C-830 830 100
L1C-946 946 40
L1C-1064 1064 up to 500


Motorized Power Attenuator

L1C+ & L1C-MPA provides from 0% up to 100% power adjustment without affecting the spectral properties or the beam divergence of Single Frequency lasers. The resolution is better than 0.1%.
It comes in standard with electromechanical shutter, and is available in OEM or Plug&Play versions with the ControlBoxx.

Accousto-Optic Modulator

L1C+ & L1C-AOM offer high speed modulation for LCX-DPSS lasers and for LBX-S stabilized laser diode modules. The bandwidth is DC - 3 MHz in analog and digital modulation. The transmission is higher than 85%.The external controller could integrate up to two AOM drivers and then is able to control up to two L1C’s. The controller provides full computer interface for easy integration. In analog modulation the output power is linearized versus input voltage.Additional features like PWM motors, electromechanical shutters or actuator can be directly connected to the controller.


L1C+ & L1C-Iso are the ideal supports for bulky isolator which cannot be directly attached to the laser head.
It is also required when the fiber coupling is needed in addition of an isolator.