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Flow cytometry

Flow cytometry is an important imaging field for a fast detection and characterization of different cellular properties. This is based on their light interactions and fluorescence properties of a sample. Lasers are used as the fluorochrome excitation source. Fluorescence efficiency depending on laser power and compatibility between fluorochrome excitation range and laser wavelength. Oxxius lasers have a wavelength range option for a better wavelength compatibility with the fluorochrome palette. Oxxius has worked for many years with microfluidic scientists to develop custom solutions based on Oxxius’ wavelength combiner. it has the world’s most flexible design and allows you to create over 1,000,000,000 configurations.

Lasers specifications:

  • Large spectrum of available wavelength
  • High power stability
  • High beam quality
  • Custom beam available
  • Wavelength selection option
  • Long lifetimes
  • Easy to use, lower maintenance, compact footprint
  • Low noise
  • Fiber coupling option with SM, PM or MM fiber

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