Single Longitudinal Mode DPSS lasers

CW SLM Monolithic DPSS benefits:

  • 532, 553, 561, 640 and 1064 nm, up to 500 mW
  • Coherence length exceeding 100 m
  • Integrated controller
  • Excellent beam quality, TEM00
  • Outstanding power and pointing stability
  • Industry standard foot print with 32 mm height
  • Graphic User Interface with remote diagnostics CW monolithic DPSS lasers
  • Supported by µManager
True Single Longitudinal Mode True Single Longitudinal Mode
Outstanding wavelength stability Outstanding wavelength stability

The LCX models are available in their “OEM” version, intended for system integration or in their “Plug & Play”, CDRH-compliant version for academic users.

For other wavelengths please also see our wavelength-stabilized laser diode modules

Measurement & Spectroscopy datasheets:

Measurement & Spectroscopy datasheet - Jan 2019 Measurement & Spectroscopy datasheet - Jan 2019


- Fiber coupling option

- 25dB Isolator option