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SLM CW Monolithic DPSS benefits
– Up to 500 mW
– Exceptional wavelength stability – 1pm
– Lowest power consumption

≤ 12 W for LCX’s & LPX’s, any wavelength, less than 200 mW
≤ 15 W for LCX-532 & LCX-1064, 500 mW
≤ 15 W for LCX-561 300 mW

– Low profile laser head (32 mm)
– Tailored beam diameter capability (0.6 up to 1.4 mm)


VBG stabilized Laser Diode modules benefits
– Proprietary SLM locking routine
– Enhanced beam quality versions

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Product variations

Reference Wavelenghts Power Options Quote
LCX-532S-50 532 nm 50 mW
LCX-532S-100 532 nm 100 mW
LCX-532S-200 532 nm 200 mW
LCX-532S-300 532 nm 300 mW


Fiber coupling

Fiber coupling options offer rugged and compact solutions to couple LaserBoxx into polarization maintaining fiber, standard single mode fiber or multimode fiber.

Electro-Mechanical shutter

The ACX-SHTE is a compact and affordable electro-mechanical shutter. It is mounted directly on the LCX or LPX in place of the standard manual shutter.
The fiber coupling and other options are fully compatible with the electro mechnical shutter.
The ACX-SHTE is actuated via the LCX or LPX embedded software or via a standard TTL signal.