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L6Cc Combiner

The L6Cc is the most compact and flexible all-in-one multicolor laser sources, with up to 7 laser lines and delivery up to 4 optical fiber outputs. The modular design allows for a large choice of lasers from 375 up to 1064 nm and with output power up to 500 mW. The sources are Oxxius LaserBoxx or from other manufacturers.

The extension modules provide the ultimate level of flexibility by integrating fast switching output ports for FRAP, adjustable split power for light sheet microscopy among other advanced functionalities. The L6Cc is field upgradeable to evolve as per your needs and to preserve your investment. They are microprocessor controlled to provide unique features for demanding applications.The L6Cc is available in turnkey or OEM versions.


• 375 nm
• 405 nm
• 445 nm
• 450 nm
• 473 nm
• 488 nm
• 505 nm
• 515 nm
• 520 nm
• 532 nm
• 553 nm
• 561 nm
• 633 nm
• 638 nm
• 640 nm
• 642 nm
• 660 nm
• 730 nm
• 785 nm
• 980 nm
• 1064 nm
• other under request


Operating temperature 15 – 40°C
Power consumption 100 W
Supply voltage P&P 100 – 240 V AC
Supply voltage OEM 24 V DC
Warm-up time 10 minutes
Communication interfaces USB, RS-232, sedicated I/O interface
Software Win 7, 8, 10 control software
Weight 9,3 kg

Optical characteristics

Power stability (on RGBV range)
Free space
±1% p-to-p
PM/SM fiber coupled
±2% p-to-p
Analog (0 - 5V)
DC - 1 MHz
Digital (TTL)
≤ 2ns (LBX) / ≤ 1µs (LCX with AOM)
Extinction ratio
Infinite (LBX) / ≥ 45 dB (LCX with AOM)


Fiber coupling
Oxxius propose the compact SuK® or the user friendly Kineflex® fiber couplers with RGBV fiber at standard 0.12 NA.
The fiber output options are FC/APC or FCP8 connectors or free space collimators on request
Repositionnable fiber coupling
The SuK® fiber coupler is available with magnetic repositionable support.
Two-channel outputs
The L4Cc can be set with two independent output ports. Each port will deliver one or several wavelengths.
Extension module MDUAL
Provides two outputs with the possibility to balance the output power between each port. The split ratio accuracy is +/-5%.
Designed for light sheet microscopy
Extension module FSTM
Provides fast switching between two outputs up to 30Hz (< 5 ms switching time)
Extension module FST3
Provides fast switching between three outputs up to 30Hz (< 5 ms switching time)
only available with L6Cc
Extension module FLPM
This will economically route all lines on the selected output. This is not meant for frequent switching.
Recommended when only one L6Cc is used with two microscopes.
Extension module L+1
Provides one additional LBX laser, combined on the main channel or fully independent with its own output port
Extension module MNDF
Provides a motorized neutral density filter when low output power is needed.
Extension module AOTF
AOTF modulator - one output