SPIE Photonics West From 06.03.21 to 11.03.21

Do not miss our presentation 1.064μm CW stable single frequency emission and noise reduction based on a monolithic cavity
presented by Julien Rouvillain, Project Manager at Oxxius


Many applications such as high power laser locking and seeding, atom cooling and trapping or optical heterodyning and coherent communication, require a single-frequency emission with high frequency stability and low noise. Narrow linewidth single-frequency emission at 1.064µm is well known and usually monolithic ring cavities (such as Non Planar Ring Oscillators) is a good solution. In this paper, we demonstrate a stable single-frequency emission at 1.064μm with noise reduction at a power of 500mW based on a linear monolithic cavity with Nd:YAG amplifier. In the past, we have already demonstrated the efficiency and the reliability of monolithic cavities used in our standard product line (LaserBoxx LCX-532S, LCX-553S and LCX-561S). In this presentation, single-frequency operation is achieved by a double Lyot filter, the first filter selecting the emission band of Nd:YAG and the second filter selecting the longitudinal mode and achieves the single-frequency operation. We report narrow linewidth <100kHz. By introducing a nonlinear crystal (KTP for second harmonic generation (SHG) at 532nm), we modify the laser dynamics and reduce the oscillation relaxation and consequently the laser noise (<0.2% RMS). We also report a good laser frequency stability due to our monolithic cavity (<100 MHz for short-term behavior and <1pm for long-term behavior), a frequency tuning capabilities (up to 10pm without mode hopping and up to 1nm with mode hopping), a power stability less than 2% for a laser base temperature from 15°C to 45°C at 500mW, a good optical efficiency (<25%) and a high beam quality (M2<1.2).

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