Short availability lasers From 10.09.20 to 31.12.20

List of lasers in stock with very short delivery time

Last update September 22 (subject to change depending on orders received)



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LCX-532L-300-CSB LBX-405-100-CSB
LCX-532S-100-CSB LBX-405-300-CSB
LCX-532S-200-CSB LBX-488-1000-HPE
LCX-532S-300-CSB LBX-488-100-CSB
LCX-553L-100-CSB LBX-638-1100-HPE
LCX-553S-100-CSB LBX-638-150-CSB
LCX-553S-50-CSB LBX-638-180-CSB
LCX-561L-100-CSB LBX-642-130-CSB
LCX-561L-150-CSB LBX-750-1200-HPE
LCX-561L-200-CSB LBX-980-200-CSB
LCX-561L-75-CSB LSX-785S-150-ISO