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Biophotonics is the group of techniques that are based on the interaction of light and biological matter.

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Measurement & Spectroscopy

Proprieties of coherent light are used in a variety of techniques to determine some aspects of matter with an unmatched accuracy, thus allowing for precise measurements and controls.

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Industrial Applications

Light of sufficient energy can be employed to process materials with an extreme accuracy and repeatability.

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À propos d'OXXIUS

Oxxius is a laser design and manufacturing house founded in 2002 to bring disruptive innovations to the market of visible lasers. We develop advanced continuous-wave laser modules targeting numerous applications in bio-photonics, metrology, spectroscopy and other analytics and instrumentation applications, for both research and industry customers. Oxxius is headquartered in western France and located among a major optics and photonics cluster.

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Key product innovations

Oxxius’ products leverage an innovative, patented solid-state laser architecture.

Worldwilde market

Together with bringing outstanding products to the market.

A skilled and experienced team

The founders and managers of Oxxius have a rich and diversified experience.

The team

The R&D group includes highly skilled experts who have created a solid intellectual property portfolio…

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