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Oxxius participates to the development of high-speed communications for submarine drones

Oxxius is contributing to a national research program that will develop autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) able to communicate at high rates.

Supported by the French Defence Procurement Agency, the LAMPARO research program involves major actors in the marine and optical communication industries : Subsea Tech, Oxxius, III-V Lab, Thales Underwater Systems, LCFIO and EISCOM.
It aims at demonstrating the feasibility of a communication protocol in submarine environment with performances similar to those of the terrestrial WiFi in terms of range, data rates, latency and capability to automatically adapt to the environmental conditions.

This innovation is based on a technology employing two laser beams : one in a vertical direction for the communication with the surface, and another horizontal for transmission between AUVs. Each beam forms an cone inside which data is emitted at high rate (54 Mbit/s).
Among the challenging issues was the development of visible laser sources optimized for the marine environment (clear and turbid waters), the implementation of dedicated detection and filtering methods, as well as the energy and compactness, capital issues for embedded systems.

Outcomes of LAMPARO will be proposed to both civil and military sectors. Usage of submarine drones is growing noticeably, and high-rate communication capability is one of the features that will allow the UAV to progressively replace Remote Operated Vehicules (ROV) in underwater operations.
Oxxius intends to use the work carried out for LAMPARO in order to develop innovative laser sources for biomedical instrumentation.