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Distribution agreement with Laser 2000 GmbH

Laser 2000 is the largest Pan European distributor for laser and photonics products and has sales offices in all major countries in Europe and a staff of some 120 people. For more than 30 years, Laser 2000 has supplied solutions matching even the most demanding applications. Laser 2000 is a promotor of optical technologies and is always on the cutting edge of technology. To ensure top level support to their customers Laser 2000 invests heavily in the education of their sales force in order to meet the highest expectations of their customers

“We are very proud to partner with Oxxius one of the most prestigious French laser manufacturers with a worldwide reputation for excellent technology and proven quality” commented Armin Luft, founder and CEO of Laser 2000.

“Using a recognized pan-European distributor will help Oxxius to develop its image and sales in Europe. Oxxius will help Laser 2000 developping its markets with our unique LaserBoxx lasers and our very sucessful wavelength combiners L4Cc and L6Cc.” said Pascal Voluer, VP Sales and Marketing at Oxxius.